What is a LULA Elevator?

  • Limited Use, Limited Application
  • 25 feet (7.6 m) maximum travel*
  • 18 square feet (1.67 m2) maximum car size
  • 30 feet per minute maximum speed*
  • 1400 lbs. (635 Kg) maximum load capacity

*Limits are determined by local codes. Check with your Garaventa Lift representative for more information regarding the use of LULA elevators in your area.


  • Adheres to ph1 fire service
  • Only requires pit containment
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Two-speed horizontal sliding doors
  • Braille markings on all controls
  • Audio/visual car direction indicator
  • Full-height photo electric obstruction sensors
  • Automatic homing
  • Cost effective
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Custom platform sizes
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • up to 1,400lbs capacity

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Elvoron LULA Photo Gallery


Doors, Fixtures and Finishes

Cab Wall Selections

Your Elvoron LULA Elevator will be a key feature of your building. Interior design and finish are important considerations. We offer a variety of attractive and durable wall and ceiling finishes as shown below. All Elvoron cars are supplied with basic plywood floors ready for installation of your preferred flooring material, as supplied by others.

Entrance Doors and Car Doors

Like a commercial elevator, the Elvoron LULA Elevator is equipped with two-speed horizontal sliding entrance and car doors. The car doors are finished to match your car wall trim and are equipped with full height photo-electric door sensors. The hall doors are primed and ready to be painted to match your building decor. All doors can also be supplied in brushed stainless steel.

Custom Car Finishes

Elvoron LULA Elevator car interiors can be customized to whatever unique design best suits your building project. Our custom shop offers a wide variety of wall, ceiling and fixture finishes. We can also build elegant stainless steel and glass cars.

Car Wall Trim Colors

The trim separates the car wall panels and adds the finishing touch to your elevator cab. The standard trim is available in black or white. Custom colors and stainless steel finish trims are available as an option.



All Elvoron cars are equipped with one handrail on the control wall. Additional handrails can be mounted on the other car walls for extra passenger security.

Ceilings and L.E.D. Lighting

Low-voltage LED ceiling lights

All Elvoron LULA's are equipped with four recessed low-voltage L.E.D. lamps that illuminate automatically when the doors open. Ceiling choices are white, stainless steel or custom. White lamps are fitted into white ceilings, black into stainless ceilings. Chrome lamps are optional.

Elvoron LULA Controls - Elegant and Functional with a Choice of Finishes

The controls of the Elvoron LULA are the same as would be found on a commercial elevator. Operation is fully automatic.

Car Operating Panel (COP)

The Elvoron LULA COP features a digital floor indicator, illuminated floor buttons, alarm button, door open and door close buttons and a keyed emergency stop switch. An optional integrated hands-free phone is available. The finish is brushed stainless steel.


Car Direction Lantern

Mounted in the car doorway, the Car Direction Lantern is an audio and visual signaling device that indicates direction of travel and arrival at the floor. The wall plate is brushed stainless steel.


Hall Stations

Elvoron hall station buttons illuminate when pushed and whenever the lift is in use. The push buttons and wall plates are made of stainless steel for maximum durability.


Security Key Controls

For increased safety and security, an optional key switch allows the entire elevator to be deactivated. Key switches can also be custom designed to deactivate only certain hall stations or to limit access to certain floors.

  • The Elvoron LULA Elevator is equipped with many standard features, setting them apart from the competition. Some of these features are listed below. For a complete list please contact Garaventa Lift or refer to the Elvoron LULA Elevator Planning Guide.
  • Available in 3 standard car sizes as well as custom sizes up to 18 square feet
  • Standard Car Sizes:
    • 48" x 54" (1220mm x 1372mm)
    • 42" x 60" (1067mm x 1524mm)
    • 51" x 51" (1295mm x 1295mm)
  • Available in 5 car configurations, including multiple door configurations.
  • Wide choice of laminate car wall panel colors.
  • Choice of three car and wall fixture colors.
  • 1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive.
  • Quiet submersed pump and motor.
  • Two speed hydraulic valve for smooth start and stop.
  • Rated load: 1400lbs (635kg).
  • Standard travel speed of 30 feet per minute. Optional: 40 fpm (0.2 m/s) - contact Garaventa.
  • Travel range: 25ft (7.6m). Optional 50ft (15.2m) - contact Garaventa for more information.
  • Make up to 6 stops or have a total of 6 landing doors.
  • Fully automatic push button operation.
  • Illuminated buttons and digital floor display.
  • Automatic car lighting upon passenger entry.
  • Recessed ceiling lighting using low-voltage L.E.D. fixtures.
  • Full length handrail located below the car operating panel (additional handrails can be added).
  • Car operator with integral gate switch.
  • Car direction lantern comes with audio and visual signals.
  • Full height photo-electric door sensors.
  • Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators.
  • Emergency alarm button.
  • Keyed emergency stop switch.
  • Floor specific emergency battery lowering system.
  • Emergency manual lowering system.
  • UL or CSA certified components.

Elvoron LULA Elevator Drive and Control Systems

Elvoron LULA Garaventa Lift

  • 1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive. (1)
  • Single stage hydraulic jack and two 3/8" cables. (2)
  • Two speed control valves for smooth start and stop (3)
  • Submersed pump and motor assembly for quiet operation (4)
  • Capacity of up to 1,400lbs (635 kgs) available (5)
  • Standard travel speed of 30 feet per minute. Optional: 40 fpm (0.2 m/s) - contact Garaventa (5)
  • Travel range: Standard: 25ft (7.6m). Optional: 50ft (15.2m): contact Garaventa for more information. (5)
  • Fully automatic push button operation (5)

Green Biodegradable Note

Did you know that the Elvoron LULA can be operated using environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil?

  • Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators.
  • Emergency manual lowering system.
  • Safety Brake System.
  • Emergency stop and alarm.
  • Automatic bi-directional floor leveling.
  • Slack/broken cable safety brake device.
  • UL or CSA certified components.

  • Standard power supply is 208 VAC three phase, 20 Amps.
  • Optional power supply is 230 VAC single phase, 30 Amps.



Rated Load: 1400 lbs (635 kg)
Speed: Standard 30 fpm (0.15 m/s) nominal speed. Option 40 fpm (0.2 m/s), contact Garaventa Lift
Overhead Clearance: 135’’ (3429mm). 114” (2896mm) with car top prop
Drive System: 1:2 Cable Hydraulic. Heavy duty car sling with roller guide shoes running on 8 lb. per foot steel T-Rails.Quiet submersed pump and motor. Factory pre-set and tested 2-speed valve for smooth start and stop.
Controls: Fully automatic push button operation. Garaventa-Design PLC Controller. Integrated self-diagnostics.Digital floor indicator in car. Automatic car lighting upon entry. Illuminated push buttons.
Power Supply: Elevator: Standard 208 VAC three phase. Option 230 VAC single phase.Lighting: 110 VAC single phase, 15 amps.
Doors: 36’’ x 80” (914mm x 2032mm) two-speed horizontal sliding hoistway and car doors.
Safety Features: Emergency battery lowering system. Emergency manual lowering valve. Safety brake system Automatic bi-directional floor levelling.
Stop keyswitch and alarm button in car. Final limit switch. Overspeed valve. Pit Prop
Unique Standard Features: Braille markings. Car direction lantern comes with audio and visual signals. Full height photo-electric door sensors.
Code Compliance: ASME A17.1/CSA B-44. Section 5.2 LU/LA Elevators. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Popular Options: Integrated hands free telephone. Phone Monitoring. Custom car finishes. Additional handrails. Buffer springs (increases your pit depth).
Warranty: 2 year parts warranty, labour is tied to a mandatory planned maintenance program


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