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Residential Elevators Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: How much does a home elevator cost?
A: Elevators start at only $20,000, fully installed and directly increase the value of the home. Pricing can vary slightly depending on the number of stops, the floor to floor travel, the configuration, interior finishing and site location. For example: a three stop inline drive elevator, in the lower mainland, on/off same side, with 10 foot floor to floor travel and one of our 11 standard interior finishes, would cost $21,500 fully installed. For an exact quote for your home, simply contact a Garaventa Lift BC representative at 604-461- 6636.

2Q: How much space do I need to install a home elevator?
A: All you need is a 51” X 56 1/4” finished elevator shaft to install a 36” X 48” on/off same side home elevator, our smallest standard size. Sizing requirements vary depending on your desired elevator size, configuration and door/gate choices. For a complete list of all of are standard sizing consult our design and planning guide on each specific product from the menu above.

3Q: What are the main differences between the Hydraulic and In-line drive?
A: The Hydraulic drive uses a hydraulic piston while the In-line drive uses an electric motor and counterweight system. To the end user, both drive systems are almost identical. The Hydraulic drive is whisper quite as the motor is submersed in hydraulic oil in a separate machine room. The In-line drive is 57 decibels as the motor is located at the top of the elevator shaft. 57 decibels is about the sound of normal conversation. Due to the fact that the motor is located on the top of the elevator shaft, the In-line drive has a much smaller controller and therefore a smaller machine room requirement.

4Q: Can I get a custom sized home elevator?
A: Yes! Since Garaventa Lift is the only home elevator manufacturer in the lower mainland, we can manufacture your elevator in almost any custom size. Simply contact a Garaventa Lift representative at 604-461- 6636 for pricing and feasibility of a custom sized elevator before constructing the elevator shaft.

5Q: What if there is a power failure when I’m using my home elevator?
A: All of our home elevators come with a battery backup up in the down direction. In the event of a power outage, you elevator will continue to function in the down direction, you can even stop at each floor on the way down. The In-line drive is also available with a battery backup in the up direction as well.

6Q: Do your elevators come with an emergency telephone?
A: Yes, all Garaventa Lift BC elevators come with an emergency telephone.

7Q: Do you have a showroom that I can go to with your home elevators?
A: Yes, our showroom is located at 2805 Murray Street in Port Moody, B.C.

8Q: What makes Garaventa Lift BC different than your competitors?
A: Garaventa Lift BC is the only local manufacturer of elevators in the lower mainland. All of our much competitors purchase their elevators from other companies and act as middle men. Because we manufacture, install and service all of our own elevators, our quality and attention to detail is second to none, making us the largest residential elevator provider in the Greater Vancouver area.

9Q: How long has Garaventa Lift been in BC?
A: Garaventa Lift came to BC in 1974 to build the Grouse Mountain Gondola and we have been manufacture elevator products in our Surrey B.C. factory ever since.

10Q: Do I need a deep pit to install a home elevator?
A: All you need is an 8” to 12” pit below the finished floor, depending on the size and configuration of your elevator.

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